Trust the Magic of Beginnings

It’s my third day at work and I’m already impressed by the paperless and ICT culture in Beacon Primary School. The organization of materials here is something to die for: the information that you need about anything can be found easily in folders, the PE store is a place where the PE teachers take pride in tidying up every week. The PE lesson plans, assessment rubrics, teachers’ reflections and feedback are neatly organised on Google documents and even the teachers’ progress of teaching is documented.

I like the fact that what will happen in 2017 is already planned for and we are clear of our responsibilities. We have the time during the holiday to do some preparation work, ask questions or even have those conversations that we need to have with our colleagues. 

I’m thankful for colleagues who took the time to show me how to navigate my way around the school, how to find the documents to help me in my work, introduce me to the PE store and tell me the areas within the department which they would like to brush up on. They have their own meeting schedules to follow today, yet they chose to take their personal time out to help a fellow colleague.  

It’s a dynamic workplace where teachers want to give their best to the students and the school. As I’m writing this post, I’m already feeling the excitement down to my toes. Can’t wait to get my laptop to do some work. 🙂


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