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Understanding Your Children’s Strengths

Given the wide array of activities–sports, music, culinary, robotics, arts, I have always asked myself: which one should I choose for my child? Which one will she enjoy, attain certain success to build her confidence and self-esteem and likely to want to continue doing it for a long time? In search of these answers, I have chosen to dabble in many different activities, usually single sessions (if possible) without first committing the money and time to a regular class. 

While people change over time, research has shown that core personality traits are relatively stable throughout adulthood, as are passions and interests. The roots of personality may be visible as early as at 3 years old. As parents, while we are letting our children experiment with different experiences, we can look out for these indicators of talent:

1. Yearnings: Your child is drawn to the same environment or activity repeatedly. 

2. Rapid learning: Your child learns a new skill or gains new knowledge quickly.

3. Satisfaction: Your child has a sense of psychological fulfilment that energizes him when he takes on  a challenge or task. (Felicia delights in presenting her loved ones gifts in the form of hand-drawn cards or their favourite snacks. I shall see how this work out to be over the next few years. 😂)

4. Timelessness: Your child becomes so engrossed in an activity that he loses all sense of time whenever he is doing it.

-Strengths Based Parenting, Chapter 5

Go on and look out for these signs the next time you bring your child out on activities. Please share your observations and comments too! I would love to read about them. 🙂


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