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Exploring Trampoline Gymnastics Skills with Your Child (and having lots of fun)

Felicia has been attending gymnastics lessons at her preschool with vendor  Beary Fun Gym for one term already and has been very positive about it. For a child who cannot tell Monday from Tuesday to Wednesday, she can actually tell you when the gym class is happening. You can see her smile when she shares what she has learnt in that 30 to 40 minutes or so, using terms like pencil jump, pencil roll, egg roll, “kangaroo-motorbike” (how the instructors encourage swinging of arms forward when they jump to landing in a balanced pose). 

I was looking for ways to let her use this skills even outside of gym class setting which led me to explore trampoline parks (for jumping, landing, balancing) in Singapore. I have been to Zoom Park once with Felicia but I didn’t enjoy it that much. How much fun can you derive from merely bouncing up and down. 😦 Then, the minibounce programme from Bounce Inc caught my eye. It is a structured programme of activities “which focuses on basic movement and control on trampolines, allowing children from 3 to 5 years old to improve cognitive functioning and motor skills whilst improving strength, balance and agility”. Hooray! Just what I was looking for!!! But boo…  The programme has not started yet! Not here, not in Hong Kong where I will be visiting in December. 😦 I can only make do with my own programme with information from the Internet. 

I love the videos which gave me some ideas what skills I can teach on the trampoline (search for trampoline gymnastics for preschoolers), but thought I could take it 1 level higher by playing the “Traffic Lights” game with Felicia. Straight jumps when it’s green, star jumps when it’s yellow and stop when it’s red. 

So this is what we got after 1 session at Bounce Inc:

So what will you do at the trampoline park? Share your ideas. 🙂


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